FIXED: Present Awards Bug

If a leader doesn’t have “Present Awards” privileges, should they be able to check off the Purchased, Awarded, or Recognized boxes for the entire troop? I have a leader that has those privileges but can check things off for the entire troop. In the past, I thought they only had access to their unit, but maybe I’m crazy? :crazy_face: I tried taking the privilege away from her but it still shows up and allows her to check the boxes off even without the privilege.

For the record, this leader is my test leader. The problem was discovered through an actual, live leader, :wink: but trying to reset her permissions to try and fix her problem didn’t work. So then we started playing with our test parent and realized our test leader could always access and check off in the Present Awards section no matter what her permissions were.

EDITED to add: YIKES!!! Big issue. All our members can now access the Present Awards, including our girls. Anyone and everyone can recognize their own awards.

I’m on it. Thanks for reporting this.

It’s fixed. Or it will be, in about 30 seconds when the deploy finishes. Oh. I typed too slow. It’s fixed. Have a great day!

Wow!! You’re on a ROLL today! Thanks @Dave!! We appreciate it!

EDITED to ask: Is there a way for leaders to only have access to just their unit for Recognizing their units awards? There used to be an Achievement Overview where they could go in and just see their unit and recognize awards. One of my leaders used it all the time. Now the only thing we can find is the Present Awards, but they have the entire troop. Not that they can’t filter it down to certain badges but we were curious if there was a way to do it where they only had access to their unit.

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