FIXED: Present Awards sorting not right

Present Awards, when you try to sort on Member it sorts only by first name…and mixes the columns so sort shows alphabetical mix of the first name and award - screen shot attached.

We will push a fix for this tonight. Thanks!

Hi Dave,

Have Court of Honor tonight - starting Saturday and checking this morning the “Present Awards” is completely broken - gives message “We know about problem and are working on it” - just wanted to make sure you know that that function is not working at all.



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Thanks @SteveKeck. I’m pushing a fix now - give it five minutes.


I forgot to reply - fix looked great - THANKS so much. Appreciate all you do for us.

I did notice this recently with the new version: When I pull up communications to review previous emails it truncates the view of the page - can’t see the full page. I have to scroll to the right to see the “send again” etc…

Didn’t used to be that way.

Attached a pic here.


Thanks @SteveKeck. Would you mind starting a new topic for additional problems? It gets hard to track if we add new problems to topics that are already fixed. Sorry!

Absolutely. Thanks.