FIXED: Private Site Pages

I have a test account to check different features with different permissions. I thought this might help me, but I still can’t find where the private pages are located after selecting one of the top menu items.

It may be active when the site goes live by clicking on the logo, but for now, how do you get back to them? The pages also used to appear under the Share drop down, but they’re not there. I don’t know if that is a bug or planned.

The Troop ? Will launch the pop-up and the TroopTrack logo links to the main TT page.

I’d this is because it’s on a test platform, please disregard.

I noticed that the dropdowns under the Share category ARE actually there, but they’re white on white so they can’t be read. It looks like this applies to most themes. I looked at the source code,and it looks like it’s just how the classes are being assigned.

The menus that render correctly are wrapped in just a list tag with no classes, and the class “dropdown-item” is assigned to the class of the hyperlink tag.

For the ones that are not rendering correctly, the list tag is assigned the “dropdown-item” class and the hyperlink tag is assigned a “nav-link” class. If you remove the list class altogether and change the hyperlink class, it should display correctly.