FIXED: Profile - Basic Info

For an adult, when you click on the edit link for basic info the driver info window opens. For scouts there is no edit link for basic info.


Thanks @wportner. I’ll look into this. What type of unit are you in? (BSA Troop, AHG, etc.)

Hi Dave,

This is a Cub Scout pack. On a side note, Tyler set me up with the beta and found that Pack 610 was associated with my email. I really don’t do much with the pack anymore, I am a Scoutmaster with Troop 325 now and have changed the ownership of the troops TroopTrack subscription to me. Is there any way that we can either change the beta to the troop or even add the troop to the beta testing?

Thank you,

Wade Portner

Hi @wportner, I’ve added your troop to the beta site and I’m looking into the profile issue.


I’m pushing a fix for the profile problem right now. Thanks again!