Syncing with Scout Net

It’s not really a question, just looking for peace of mind. We have spent most of the year working on getting our Troop Master data cleaned up, and getting Council data updated, and getting our TT records data (incuding BSA ID) correct for each scout and adult.

I am ready to do a Sync with Scout Net, with the understanding that it will merge all of what is currently in Scout Net with what we have in TT. Of course I fear there being issues, and having to start manually fixing everything again for 200+ people. Just a “there there, little buddy, it’s all going to work flawlessly” is what I need at this point.

And I assume I can Sync again in another month to grab their latest records and such to ensure what we have is on par with what Council has? We have one Scout that they absolutely cannot get current, so I want to stay on top of data anomalies like this going forward.

Hi @troop200bsa,

Are you referring to the TurboNET Roster import? It sounds like you are. It first tries to match by BSA ID, and if there is no BSA ID it tries by name. If there is any difference between the name in TroopTrack and on the Council site, it will create a duplicate.

That’s the only thing you really have to worry about. If for some reason there is a typo on one of the BSA ID’s there will be a duplicate account. Assuming you made one or two mistakes out of 200, you will just need to fix the ID, delete the duplicate, and do the import again to update that record. You can do as many imports as you’d like.

If for some reason the import fails, feel free to give me a call: 817-550-6844 and we can try to walk through it together.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Yes, Turbo Net. Our BSA IDs are all up to date, so in theory we should be good. Thanks for the reassurance on being able to do multiple imports.