FIXED: Viewing Recent Messages

There isn’t a horizontal scrollbar for recent messages that allow the user to see the send/resend buttons that were in previous versions. Possible sizing issue?

Windows 10 and Chrome user.
Works fine on Android.


Thanks @tsockriter. The fix will go live tonight.


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It still isn’t working on my Windows 10 for recent messages? Is that for sure fixed?

@WhittneyHoyler It works for me - I can scroll horizontally on chrome. What browser are you using? We only support Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Are you using Internet Explorer by any chance?

No scroll bar on Safari - but I don’t remember having to scroll to see the entire window in previous version. Sizing issue? It would be best to see the entire window.



On a Mac laptop you can two finger scroll vertical or horizontal, if you have a magic mouse it works with one finger. Would have to see what options third party pointing devices have for horizontal scroll.

Yes I can do that… but didn’t have to scroll on previous version. Liked that better.


@dave I’m using Firefox and don’t see a horizontal scroll bar. It looks like I can use the two finger scroll mentioned by Aaron. It is a bit frustrating to have to scroll when I see a bunch of white space on either side.

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Can you post a screenshot @gscrawley please? That might help me out.

I see the horizontal scroll bar in Chrome on my Mac but it is way at the bottom. So I find the message I want to resend, then have to scroll to the bottom of the page. Use the horizontal scroll bar and then scroll back up and find the message again. It still needs work :slight_smile:

Even with a wide screen the Recent message content block is narrower than the content it contains so you need to scroll right to see the rest of the content. If people don’t have horizontal scroll capabilities then they need to scroll to the bottom to get the horizontal scroll bar and then back up to see the Read Resend options.


I’m going to look at the gmail UI and see if I can come up with something better.

How’s this?

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I like that so much better, it was so long with all of the e-mail addresses shown on the initial screen, and no need to scroll horizontally to see Read Resend. Thanks Dave.