FIXED: TT4 Testing

I am having a lot of “This Page isn’t working” while testing this morning. Have to hit refresh many times.

  1. trying to add leadership to girls’ accounts.
  2. going to look at our troop’s available badges.
  3. Quick Nav unable at times to go to girls.
  4. Going to recent messages - won’t load or go back.
  5. While adding an announcement, it locked up, but after opening another tab, that announcement was there.
  6. Moving from communication to participation book - blank page.

Solutions have been to add a new tab and try again.
Windows 10 and Chrome user. I was able to test from Android earlier, but now 11:48 MST, unable from one cell phone in house, but fine with another. “Page isn’t working” is the message going from profile to recent messages. Does help to open another tab on Android.
BTW: Android does look great while it is working. Fonts are more readable.

Hi @tsockriter - can you give it another shot? We pushed up a fix that resolved a lot of problems a few minutes ago.


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  1. fixed
  2. fixed
  3. fixed
  4. fixed
  5. fixed
  6. fixed

Note: there is no horizontal scroll on recent messages. So I can’t see the read/resend buttons that were there before. Seems like that was the only quirky resizing that didn’t happen. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the fast fix. You guys rock.

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Can you start a new topic for the scrolling please?

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