Girl Scout Leader Positions

Hello ~

Can you please add these GSOC positions to the leader menu?

  • Troop Leader
  • Troop Co-Leader
  • Cookie Coordinator (Troop) - GSOC uses the term “coordinator” because sometimes these positions are filled by dads and grandparents
  • Fall Product Coordinator (Troop)
  • Troop Helper
  • Troop Treasurer

My troop also would like to add these positions:

  • Snack Captain
  • Appreciation Captain
  • Level Leader - For multilevel troops like my own, there are two primary leaders and then each level has its own leader. For example, I’m the troop’s main leader, but I’m also the Cadette leader.

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Also, since folks can have multiple positions, it would be useful to either rank them so that we can control which shows up on their troop page and to also be able to automatically generate a leader contact info page for the Intranet page.