Please add 3 Positions for Adult

Pack Liason (for Troops)
Troop Liason (for Packs)
Den Chief Coordinator (for Troops)

We are a large Troop and the Pack Liason and Den Chief Coordinators are Adult roles in our Troop.

Are these official positions or just ones you would like? We have to be a little more choosy about these now because of complaints of excessive, inapplicable positions being available.

Not Official Registered Positions within BSA nomenclature.

Troop Liason is listed on page 7 of this

Similarly Pack Liason is mentioned in other document at other units.

As a problem to the long list, you could potentially add a management
layer, for a TT site admin to indicate “Positions in use” at their Unit,
similar to how some of the Optional Achievements are “turned on or off” for
a unit.

Thank you.

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We have a feature request ticket on this list for helping users customize and manage the positions available, but we haven’t gotten to it yet.

I added those positions for you.