Grade advancement

I am still trying to determine the value of tracking the scouts grade in TroopTrack at all. But if we do decide to do that, I am wondering if the system automatically moved the scout to a higher grade each school year or not? TroopMaster has a feature called something like “advance grades” . This is something that was often forgotten to be done. Then the data got out of sync and it is essentially all wrong. Does TroopTrack have any such feature or is it basically a static field? If so, would it be possible to change it to auto-advance? The chances of a boy being held back are very low so it would seem that auto-advancing would be a good way to do this…With all that said, I still am not so sure how valuable this data is anyway.

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This is why we don’t use this field. A general setting to specify a date (first day of school) that TroopTrack would use to automatically advance these would be great.

Mike, Thanks for your comments. I think I will just clear the fields as I think the data is more likely to end up being wrong than right. If someday it auto incremented then I would just add the data back in. This is just not that important of a piece of data.