Global Update to Grade Level

Would like to have the option to have a Global Update for grade. Something that would “promote grade level” to all Youth once the school year ends. BSA does this automatically sometime in June in their records but we would like to update in TT too. With a large Troop, it’s too cumbersome to do manually.

Donna Perry
T200 Membership Coordinator


If council updates this info at the end of the school year, will the sync with turbonet do this automatically when it pulls data from council? If not then yes we definitely need this.

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Yes would like to have for AHG as well.

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As a start, can you put up and down arrows next to the grade field? That way if we have to go to each scout to promote it is a single click instead of a click, back arrow, type number

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Brining this back up as we are now in a new school year. If something has been updated, please direct me to the right place. THX!

Still hoping this is being worked on by someone. We MUST be able to track grade and it takes forever to update one at a time. Please help!

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This would be a very beneficial update.

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Any news on progress for a global update to grade level? I’ve put off manually updating in hopes of having this feature. We are now in another new school year. Is this on the list?

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Could grade be added to the import? It wouldn’t be completely automatic, but if I could download all current members to excel, update all the grades there, and then use the importer to put them back in it would make life easier.

Did anyone test to see if a TurboNET Roster Import after BSA increments the Grade level updates it in TT?

While this is perhaps being considered by TT staff, a possible work around is the newer feature of importing Users, which according to the thread can be used to update information to existing Users. Check it out:

Thank you for this suggestion. If I understand correctly, this method is fine if you are applying Cub levels (since they are grade based). But we are Boy Scout Troop and grade is not tied to level or achievement. There is no field on the Importer instructions for “grade”. We may just decide to not use this field, as the person that is taking over my responsibilities is considering. Trying to decide why we would use it as a Troop. Maybe not worth the hassle of keeping it updated.

Honestly I am not sure it really matters other than for data completeness, which I must say I do try and attain, more of a personal thing that a need. We have never had a need of the Grade leve for the Troop. I got confused with the files I was looking at anyway. The Grade is on the ScoutBook export not the TT one. Sorry about giving bad info. The import doesn’t give you access to all of the data fields that are contained in the User record. School, School Grade, Room Number are all available fields but don’t map in the Importer list. I would imagine they are not used as often, perhaps they are even a carryover from something else. Oh well.

I had the same thought. I am finding I am not using the grade field. However, some merit badges and high adventure stuff says they have to be X grade level. Our troop is small enought that we mentally know the grade of each boy. In a big troop, it might be harder.

I’m “team complete data” too, so I get it. We may just drop it. The empty field doesn’t bother my successor as much as it does me. It was helpful to update so we could change the school of attendance… that can come in handy some times. We start kids at elementary, some move to a 6th grade school then 7-8 middle, some a 6-8 middle, and then on to 9-12 high school. We are a large Troop and draw from several schools, school districts, and cities, so we aren’t very good at remembering where everyone goes to school. We don’t have any grade level requirements for MBs, just suggestions for “better for older Scouts”. And we would have a handle on grade requirements for High Adventure. Most Scouts meet the age requirement so grade wouldn’t be a factor, and we often require 1st Class and above. So we can handle those decisions based on requirements other than grade.

Thank you all for the input!