H.O.S.T Hike


Some of our Scouts participated in the H.O.ST. hikes (https://www.ncacbsa.org/activitiesevents/host-hike/)

Looking through TroopTrack I did not see an entry for that. What would be the best way to capture the Scouts’ participation in these hikes?


I can create achievements for these.

Can you please tell me the titles and requirements of each one you’d like me to add.


Hike 1
a. Hike 4 miles.
b. Do the following:
i. Do this.
ii. Do that.
c. Report it.

Just something like that for each one and I’ll put it in the system.

Thank you.

Sorry for the late response on this topic. I will get with Den leader that asked about it and have him break it down for me. Thanks!