Individual Entry

How It Works

You can use this feature to record progress for one scout at a time on an individual award.

How To Get There

There are three ways to get to an individual user's achievement record: using the "quick Nav"; option, the Achieve button, and the user profiles on the Manage badge. Here is a screenshot of how to get there using the Quick Nav option:


Once you have chosen a scout, select achievements, and the following screen will appear:

  1. If the scout has begun work on a new award, you must click on the “Action” button to add the award. Once it’s added you can then click “action” for that award, hit edit, and then fill in the requirements for that award. Make sure to save.

2:  If the scout has previously worked on the award, simply find the award and click Actions, then edit.  A new screen will appear, just follow the prompts and save.

That's it!

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Is there a way to track progress towards each branch award required for the Fox Forest Award? The only option for each required branch award is to mark it as complete. Please let me know if there is a simple way in Troop Track to monitor this progress or if this feature can be added. It would be excellent if it could be tied to attendance tracking for weekly meetings as well.

Walk Worthy,

Hi @MattLick,

Trail Life USA configures each of their awards themselves. We don’t manage them. You will need to address this issue with the Trail Life USA home office.


I have a scout and ASM who hiked the John Muir Trail and the TT won’t allow me to log the 270 miles they hiked. Is there a way for me to enter this? I am logging it as outside participation since only 2 in our troop did this huge task.

Thank you!

@JessicaLee I actually encountered the exact same problem just over the weekend and started a bug report topic to hopefully get some visibility on it. You can access it here:

It would definitely be helpful if you liked it, but not for my sake- rather, that way the bug gets more attention.

Any news on this? I can not record Hiking miles and camping night and service hours at the same time for outside participation.


any update on this? How do I add hiking hours for one boy without an event? thanks