When I searched the forums of how to get a report listing hiking miles completed, I found a reference to the /achieve/users/trackables report but I can’t seem to find how I could tell a user where to find the report without typing the URL in manually. Where is this report in the menus?

Also, any idea why some of the boys have “Coming Soon” next to their names in this report?

Odd that there are fields in events and attendance to record these but accessing the reports appears to be hidden. Makes me wonder if tracking these isn’t intentional. Odd.

Beuller? Beuller? Beuller?

I’m sorry that it took so long for us to see this post. We have been in a bit of a transition period the last week or two, with Matt leaving us for other opportunities and me coming in as his successor. So I apologize that your post seems to have fallen through the cracks.

Would you mind sending me a link to the page where you found the reference to the /achieve/users/trackables report?

Additionally, there are two ways to generate a report of hiking miles completed. One is a report that you can set up to display only the hiking miles for each scout and that is there total number of miles altogether. Another one allows you to see a bunch of other info (like camping nights) and allows you to specify a date range. I’ve outlined the two methods at the end of this comment.

Finally, I’m not sure why some users say “Coming soon” on the /achieve/users/trackables report.

Method 1: Quick Nav > Reports > Create Users Report. Then give the list a title and select the boxes for “Name” and “Miles hiked” and then generate the report.

Method 2: Plan > Participation Book. Specify a date range (if desired), then go to the dropdown menu on the far right that says “All events.” Change this to hiking miles. Hit the summary button. This will show you a list of users and their hiking miles that occurred within the specified date range. If you don’t specify a date range, it will generate the same info as the other report, which is just overall hiking miles.

Let me know if this helps you out!

The second approach lets me filter our adults which I want but the first approach gives me an easier URL that In can share or embed in a page. Those reports work for leaders but it sure would be nice to add a “Trackables” tab to a user’s info page.

That would be a great feature. I would suggest posting that suggestion in the Ideas forum as a feature request. If enough other users express interest in it, we can look into implementing it. :slight_smile: