Help! How do I remove the red box at the top of my screen?

I set up a permanent announcement of sorts 2 years ago with a direct link for our troop calendar our families could copy to sync the calendar. However, I just found out today that the link still takes them to 2018!!! I thought it would update to the current year. Now I don’t remember how I set it up or how to delete it.

Hi @CindyDamman,

If you click on the gear icon, “edit Troop settings” and then go to “site-wide announcement”. You can delete the text in there and then click on “update settings”. This will remove the announcement.

If you want to generate a calendar link (this will appear at the bottom of the calendar) you can click on "calendar integration) (after clicking on the gear icon and “edit Troop settings”.

This link will be available for people to copy at the bottom of the calendar.


David Keener

THANK YOU!!! for the life of me I could not remember. Now it’s all come back to me!! Thank you again!

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