Households sharing a scout can view too much information about each other

I added a second scout from the Troop (using my admin account) to my Parent account’s Household, which is for my Scout and my household. So I then saw that second scout. I clicked on his profile, and I saw the other households he is a member of, the address of record for each household, and the members of those households, with their phone numbers. If I tried to click on the link for each person I saw, but they are not in my household, then I get an error page.

So we have the scenario (not hypothetical) that that the father remarried, has a new address and phone number, and has been very protective of that information, so as to not inform the ex-wife. But if we set up this scout to belong to those two households, that information will be available to members of both households. I am sorry, but that is just not acceptable.


Added it to the list.


I support this request as a way to protect the privacy of information between households.

I think this may not be the norm. Typically, address and phone number of divorced parents are not secret.

We have several split families in our pack and this isn’t a problem. Maybe a solution is to not put both parents in the same household. Individual notifications would have to be sent to the excluded parent but it would prevent information from being viewable.

This has come up in our pack as well. Some divorced couples are not as amicable as others and want their information protected. I think it’s best if any personal information is hidden from other households in the system.

Maybe it can be an optional setting that each user can decide whether or not to have contact information be visible on their profile…