Change a User's Home Address

I have a user that needs to update their home address, and can’t see how to do that. How/where can that be done?

Manage > Members > Households.

Addresses are sat by household rather than by user.

Thank you for the quick reply! If we have divorced parents, how do we handle different addresses?

Create a second household for the other parent and make sure the scout/girl is in both households (if you want parents to be separate but both receive info and have access).


One last question, hate to be so difficult, but I’ve added the youth to one parent, and when I go in to create a household for the second parent, it doesn’t seem to let me. I’ve gone into manage - households - and search for the second parent, not there; I’ve clicked the include inactive/empty households, and they aren’t there. I’ve tried to go to the second parent’s user account and edit household, but it won’t let me create a household for their last name. Is it because the youth is already under the 1st parent?

I’m sure it’s just user error! Thank you for your patience!!

Just select “New Household” at the top of Manage > Members > Households and check the names of the other parent and the scout.

If the second parent isn’t in the system at all, you will need to add them first. Manage > Members > Add and Adult/Parent.

Thank you! See, it was user error :slight_smile: I’m all set now.

Will members of household 1 know things like address of the second household?

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I don’t think so. A parent in a household should only know their own address. If the scout who is in both households has access, they should be able to see both, though.

I just verified it. I added a second scout from the Troop (using my admin account) to my Parent account’s Household, which is for my Scout and my household. So I then saw that second scout. I clicked on his profile, and I saw the other households he is a member of, the address of record for each household, and the members of those households, with their phone numbers. If I tried to click on the link for each person I saw, but they are not in my household, then I get an error page.

So we have the scenario (not hypothetical) that that the father remarried, has a new address and phone number, and has been very protective of that information, so as to not inform the ex-wife. But if we set up this scout to belong to those two households, that information will be available to members of both households. I am sorry, but that is just not acceptable.

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Ok, yep. I tested it out myself. So this needs to be changed to the “Ideas” category and reworded to get to the point (don’t show other household addresses on scout profiles or something).

For now, I would simply not give one of the parents access. Set their access to “Self” or “None”. A parent does not need access to receive emails and newsletters. So that will prevent the problem in the meantime.

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Thanks for the follow up. Will you be submitting to Ideas or should I?

Will you please? I will put it on the developers list when I have a post to link it to.

Thank you.

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