One scout in Pack, another in the Troop- can parents view both on the same account?

We recently transferred a Scout into the Troop (turned 11), and his record transferred successfully from the Pack’s TroopTrack account into ours for the Troop.

Unfortunately, the parents’ accounts did not come along for the ride, but I believe this is because they are “anchored” into the Pack’s account because they have one other son who is younger and still in Cub Scouts.

The question then is: how can these two parents see both the information for their Boy Scout (in the Troop) and their Cub Scout (in the Pack) using the same login?

I imagine that it may not be possible since only one interface could be shown at a time (and the Pack and Troop have different users, permissions, awards, etc).

Do the parents need to create a brand-new account just for the Troop?

As always, thank you!

Hi @JaredHonda,

Please create accounts for the parents in the troop so they have two accounts and then have the parents merge them together from the cub scout login. This will allow them to keep their original login information and have access to both accounts. Read this for more info and let me know if you have any questions: