How can I add a training to the list?

We want to track the Vurtus training and background check that the Archdiocese of Atlanta requires for all adult volunteers.

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Hi - thanks for the quick response.

it would be great if we could add the following training titles to the “Add Training” list.

ArchAtl Background check - 5 yr expiration
ArchAtl Driver Screen - 5 yr expiration

While we’re at it, it would clear up some confusion with our adult members if the training called “background check 5 year expiration” could read “AHG background check - 5 yr expiration.” As we’re chartered out of a Catholic Church, our adult members have to keep the AHG background check - AND the Arch Diocesan background check current. As you can imagine - this gets a little confusing.

Thank you,
Beverley Tetrick

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