Training Dates & Expiry

Is it possible to enter and manage training expiry dates?

The highest selectable date is the year 2020, some of our dates may extend past this, can it be extended?

We are added Working With Children Checks which has a number, so a text field would also be great.

20 days later. Hello?

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner on this. Right now, when trainings are added, the users cannot edit when they expire, only when they have been completed. If you have a specific training that lasts longer and isn’t showing up or isn’t show up properly, I can fix it for you. If you have questions or concerns (of if I’m not understanding the issue correctly), please let me know.

The training “Working with Children” is currently mandatory for all adults in Scouts Australia. This training has an expiry date, which should be ideally added so that we can track which adult is current or nearing the end of their training.

How long is it good for? When the training is entered in the system, users need to enter a completed-on date. then, the system uses this and the amount of time to tell you when a training is expired and if it is already expired. If you let me know how long it is valid, I can update it in our system. Thanks! :slight_smile:

The expiry date is 5 years after completion. Thanks.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you on this. I added the expiry date. It will automatically show the expiry date on that training, even for those who already have it added.

We need to add the expiration date (2 years) for the Protecting God’s Children training. It’s on the drop-down list and may be different than what our charter’s PGC is, but we’d like to list it for our leader’s who are required to take it.

Welcome to the community Heidi, just an FYI two of the three TT staff are currently on vacation returning on the 14th. I am sure the work is piling up for them upon their return. I am sure they will get to your request just know it may take some time.