Charter Organization Youth Protection

Our charter organization is requiring that all registered adult leaders complete the CO’s in-house youth protection training course. The CO is also running their own background checks on all registered adult leaders.

Are we able to add these trainings/ expiration dates to our TT account ourselves, or do you guys have to do it on the backend?


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Hi @mwestcott,

You should be able to just use the existing ones.

We face similar training requirements by our charter. However, it has an expiration date. When I used the current program settings it shows that there is no expiration date. Is there any way that a option for setting the expiration date field to be added? We have annual training as well as fingerprinting required every 5 years.

Thank you,
Teresa Osborne


We have YPT trainings for 1, 2, 3, 5, and no expiration already in the system.

For the fingerprints, I just need a link to some documentation about it and I’d be glad to add it.


I found the Background Check for 1, 2, 3, 5, and no expiration. Where can I locate YPT with these options? Our background check is separate from the annual training.


Oh, for the YPT? I gotcha. If you can provide me with something showing the expiration date, I’d be glad to put it in the system for you.