How do I advance a registered adult to a committee member

I need to “upgrade” a Registeerd Adult to Health and Safety Chair. TT will not let me send him a leadership application as that has been done already. How can I change his title in the system? Editing his “Leadership” tab in his profile didn’t work.

At least for TLUSA, only the COR can edit adult leadership positions, don’t know if the same is true for other organizations.

In Trail Life USA, only the Charter Organization Representative (COR) can originally edit adult leadership positions, but the COR can add the “Manage Troop Members” privilege for members of the COR’s unit. If you are the COR or have the “Manage Troop Members” privilege, click “Manage,” select “About Your Troop” and click “[Troop] Leadership.”

Thank you so much for your replies. I have passed the info along to our COR for him to use.

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