How does a member change his/her password?

Before TT4 there was a menu pick for changing User Name and Password. Now, in TT4 it is Preferences. But in Preferences, only the User Name can be changed. How does an individual user change their password?

As a side note, there is inconsistent use of terms. On the log-in screen it is called “User Name” but in Preferences it is labeld “Login”. Suggest that you decide on a term and use it consistently throughout the app.

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It does seem to be missing and I could not locate it anywhere else either. For now I guess the only two options would be for an Admin to reset it, or log out and go through the Forgot password process, not clean either way. @dave did @jjeffery find something that was missed?

We removed it intentionally but I’m considering putting it back. For now you need to go through the reset password link to change your password.

Click here to reset your password.

Users should be able to change their password. This is expected functionality on all sites. Please put it back.


Yes, please put this back. Also, how do we figure out someone else’s username? The password reset thing asks for username. Where can we see that for the pack members?

As an admin you go to Manage, Members, User Accounts.