How to bill smaller portions of a large event

For larger events such as summer camp, high adventure, etc. we want to be able to bill participants as we lead up to the event. I only see an option to charge the entire event fee to participants. Please help!

Correct each event can only contain a single price, plus additional optional items can be sold. There are two current solutions one is to add multiple calendar events leading up to the Summer Camp event, the second would be to use the optional items both have their drawbacks.

This has come up before and has been sent to Dave the TT admin and developer.

I think I may have found a way to do this without extra calendar entries that would just be confusing to people and clutter the calendar and without using the optional items. I believe by just doing a bulk transaction the need can be fulfilled.

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Another great option.

We have this same issue. What we do is create multiple events - Feb 2023 - Philmont Payment #1, Sep
2023 Payment #2, etc. We associate the event with the same money account so we can keep track of the balance. Would be really nice to have a way to invoice people from TT.

I’m having this same issue of trying to manage multiple payments for a large event. Right now I’m doing the multiple events for multiple payments.

Based on the comment by @apape above, I just read through the instructions for bulk transactions. If I understand this correctly though, this really only works with Money accounts because you would need to pay for the entire transaction from your money account.

We use Money Accounts (Scout accounts as we refer to them) as a supplemental account. Scouts can only fund these accounts through fund-raising efforts (ie, tree sales,…). So some scouts may have enough to pay for a big event in their accounts, but many do not.

So I’m realizing that the way that TT is geared for is to have parents fund the money accounts for general use – ie, put x hundred in the account and then draw that down as you pay for various events. I guess I’ll have to consider if this is a better way for our troop to operate.

I see issues with it, especially If scouts that leave the troop will they want us to return their cash (something we never do). Also, there are now two different concepts for paying that parents will have to grasp – paying for an event directly, and/or funding the money account. I’m having enough issues with parents putting an item in the shopping cart and never checking out. I’m trying to add less complexity to this process, not more.

Something to think about. Would love to hear how other troops are handling this.

We use the money accounts as a tracking ledger, when someone RSVPs to an event it draws against their Money Account, giving them a negative balance, the parent then pays for that individual event in person with our treasurer (this would be through any means you current employ) the treasurer then records in the persons TT money account that a payment was made bringing their account balance back to zero, we do family money accounts owned by whatever parent is most active, everyone else in the household can pay from that account and the other parent can check the account balance they just have to navigate to Manage Money Accounts, they don’t see it on their Dashboard. They can deposit funds into the account if they want, so they have a positive balance to pull from, however very few ever do that, our policy is if they leave we will refund any money they have put in but any fundraising money earned is not refunded. That part would be a bit more difficult for the treasurer to figure out but generally those situations don’t come up that often, so hasn’t been an issue. You just have to enable the allow zero balance setting for this to work. We then just tell everyone it is not taking any money out from a CC or bank it is just helping you to see how much you owe the Troop. The family money account strategy also helps the parents with multiple scouts to just keep track of one money account to see what they owe.

There are currently plans in the works to help with the RSVP and never checking out from the Cart, many have had that issue as well.

The bulk transaction is really great for things that everyone gets charged like renewal fees for example. To use this feature for an event with multiple billings you would need to know who is going first then do the bulk transaction after, not very efficient.