Permit High Adventure Trip RSVPs to stage payments over several months

Our troop is sending a cohorts to Seabase as well as Philmont.

These trips can be quite pricey, and so we created an initial RSVP with $200 per participant payment. The next payment of $600 is due in a couple weeks, and then there will be an additional payment after that once side trips, airline tickets and other logistics have been determined.

We’d like to be able to describe a series of payments for the same event, even if some of the future payment amounts are to be determined (TBD).

As of now, we will be treating each of these payments as a separate event with it’s own RSVP and Stripe credit card payment. What would be much more desireable is the ability to treat it all as a single event, with a single URL, with a single accounting of payments, etc.


Could you make a money account for this trip? This way even if you make separate events, the money will all go to one place? I do get what you mean though about having only one URL to make the payments with, that would be nice.

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