How to collect money that is NOT an event payment


I am trying to find out how to collect money from my scouts and families that are not a trip or event payment. For example, BSA re-registration payments are due soon and I would like to find a way to collect their fees online. This isn’t a trip that is tied to a calendar date. This is just a standing item that we need to collect money for.

Any help would be great!!

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You can add recharter as an event with the associated fee and track it just as you would an event.

Hi @JustinWeaver,

Go to Manage > Money > Create a Bulk Transaction, charge all the accounts that you need to for the recharter amount. Parents can log into their accounts and visit their Scout’s profile, go to the money tab, and press “Make Deposit”. This will allow them to bring the balance back to $0.00 and that’s how you would collect money outside of an event.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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