I'm evaluating TroopTrack and have questions

Hi there,
I’m evaluating TroopTrack for possible purchase and have some questions. I’m just scratching the surface of what TroopTrack is capable of doing and slogging through the documentation, but hoping someone can assist. If you are able to respond, please identify which question number you are answering.
Thank you!

  1. Rechartering - Does TroopTrack offer any mechanism to assist with the rechartering process?

  2. Managing Events - When I’ve collected money for a camping trip, it looks like I need to go into Manage=>Money and then add transactions for each person that paid. Is there a way to handle money from an event perspective? For example, go into an event (i.e. a camping trip), see the list of people that will be attending, and then “check off” those that have paid?

  3. Cash/Check Payments - TroopTrack seems to be focused on online payments. Is there some easy way to track who has paid cash or check for an event?

  4. Permission Slip - Is it possible to update the default permission slip with our own?

Hi @smithmarkc!

I’m not involved with our rechartering, but TroopTrack has made it much easier for us to track who is registered (scouts and adults) and what training our adult leaders have completed (such as YPT). We just started using TroopTrack two months ago and so far we have been quite happy with it!

I can, however, speak to my experience with respect to Managing Events and Cash/Check Payments.

When managing events that have a fee, make sure you have the appropriate youth and/or adult fees populated on the advanced tab when creating/editing the event. Since we take payments offline, I make sure “Payment required to RSVP” is NOT checked. After someone RSVP’s for the event, you can go back into the event details and select “View All Payments”. This will show who paid online and also allow you to “charge” a scout’s account for those who did not pay when RSVPing. By pressing “Charge Fee” on the “View All Payments” screen, the appropriate fee for that event will get deducted from the scout’s TroopTrack ledger. In our case, this often causes it to show a negative balance - which is a good signal to the parents that they owe money! :slight_smile:

TroopTrack does allow you to track “offline” payments, such as cash and check. To do so, go to Quick Nav – Money – and select the scout who gave you cash/check. This will open up the ledger for that specific account (TroopTrack is simply a ledger - it is not showing “real” money in an account). From there, select New Transaction – Add Money (Credit) and enter all of the relevant details (such as who paid you, how much, etc.). Under “Tender Type”, select Cash or Check.

Following the event example from above, let’s say Scotty Scout owed $20 for an event. You “charged the fee” and Scotty Scout’s money account shows a balance of -$20. When Scotty gives you a $20 check, you would go into Scotty’s money account, add a transaction to record receipt of the $20 check, thus making his balance $0.

Hopefully that makes sense… :wink:

Thank you for the advice PJ!

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