Marking Event Payment as Payed externally

I am hoping, though not seeing, a way to mark an event payment as paid externally (as a leader).
I like being able to specify a fee for an event but do not use on-line payment at this time. I get cash or checks from families and sometimes use scout acct. Is there a way for me to record people who have paid by external means?

Right now I track all finances in Google Sheets also as I do not like the fact that people can RSVP and un-RSVP without any notice or audit trail for leaders but still would like to have a way to signify to end users they payment has been accepted.


Hi @barber,

You can use TroopTrack’s money accounts to track this. If you just pay for an event with a user’s individual money account, you can go back to that account and indicate that the fee was paid and how it was paid.

Check this out for a few more details: Money Account Basics

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi @mlsully2002 ,

I am quite familiar with Money accounts and use them for “withheld” scout account money and do allow payments for events from them, but only for boys, never adults. Also several people do not want money taken from that account so they pay me directly for the event. Now I know I could create a transaction to “deposit” to money account and then do a separate transaction to pay the event from that account, but that would be very awkward and more bean counting than I would be willing to deal with. Also I actually do not pay the event directly when I do use scout accts, I pay to a “–Event Staging” account then after event I transfer the total amount payed by scout accounts from there to the “–Troop Checking” account.

Note: the names with “–” prefixes sort these accounts to the top of lists and make them easily visible as well.

Anyway, what I am hoping for is a way for an Admin/Treasurer to simply mark that an event was paid so the party can see if they have items due or not without excess burden when paid by check or cash.


Well this is a new one for me. Let’s see if other users would find this feature useful. If so, I’ll pass it on to the developers for consideration.

Thank you.

If I am understanding this conversation, I think this feature would be VERY helpful. I would love a way to mark an event / activity as paid without having to go through adding it to their money account. Just a quick check box that would show who all had paid for an event / activity if they pay by check or cash at the meeting, instead of having to go into the money account and make a deposit, then make a debit to balance.


Yes I too would like this feature. We are in the early stages of switching to Troop Track so it may be a while before we will be using the money account features. We just had a camp and I really wanted to do this. I like that it says what the person’s fees are but when I hand those sheets to the treasurer she got confused thinking that’s what they had paid instead of what they owe.


Count me in as well!