Retain data for nights. hours, etc - but - remove the scout after they quit

End of year bring with it scouts that do not recharter. It is important to know that they were there and to have their nights, miles, hours recorded for looking back. However, the scout no longer needs to be in scouttrack as he is not registered. Is there an option other than “deactivating” which seems to delete their very existence and “Leaves no Trace” that they were there to begin with?

Hi @TiffanyHigginson1,

I think you are confusing deactivate and delete. Delete removes them from existence. Deactivate puts them in a a safe storage space (Manage > Members > Deactivated users) and removes their access. Their info will still all be there for you to go to the deactivated file and look at whenever you want to (and you can activate them if they choose to come back).

This can cause some confusion, but you may also choose to just go into their privileges and change their access level to “none”. They won’t be able to log in but will show up everywhere in the system as if they were still involved.

OK! Thanks!

Can we deactivate a youth and delete the parents?

Hi @TiffanyHigginson1,

Absolutely, you can deactivate youth and delete the parents.