Import calendar into TT

It would be great to import other calendars into the troops troop Track calendar. A specific example is our councils calendar, there are a lot of events and entering each one individually is painful.

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Agreed this feature would save a lot of painful re-entry of council events.

Just following up, is this available or will it be worked on?

It is not currently available. I can’t speak to if it is something TT is working on implementing. I do know that the TT calendar is not just a standard calendar in the way that most of us think of a calendar, in order for them to allow an import it would require many more fields than a typical calendar would contain.
In my opinion there are so many events that to put all of them on the calendar would be overload for the scouts. We have taken the approach to only put those things we are doing as a Troop on the calendar and then share other information out via e-mail so if Scouts want to do things on their own they are aware of the other events from the District or Council.