Feature Request - Import Events from Spreadsheet

Each year our pack creates a spreadsheet with the year’s events (campouts, meetings, etc.). If would be nice if I could import from the generated spreadsheet into TroopTrack just as you can import into a Google Calendar. This would prevent me having to manually created multiple events and save A LOT of time.



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It sounds like an interesting idea. If it gains some support here in the Community, our developers will have a look at it.

Many TroopTrack users use the opposite approach for this one. They put all the events and recurring events in TroopTrack and then print the Year at a glance.

Thanks for helping to make TroopTrack a better place!


I agree this idea would be a great benefit and time saver. We’re new to formal program planning in our troop, and I’m dreading the task of manually creating each event and meeting from a full year planning spreadsheet into the TT calendar.

This would be such a major improvement. My troop has a bunch of non-repeatable events that we want to get into TT from our planning spreadsheet. Then with actual repeating Troop meetings, to add it becomes very burdensome to do that one at a time via the website.

I will echo the use of this ability. We also do our planning at one meeting in the summer and it would be a lot easier/quicker if I could take the spreadsheet and import into the calendar. I was just looking for that right now and found this thread. Please develop that ability.

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Awesome Idea! this would help us more to use this feature.