Import from AHG Family

Hi everyone,

Users can download a spreadsheet of their users from AHG Family. Then in TroopTrack click on “support” and “spreadsheet import/export”.

Then choose the file from your computer and have the type of import be “AHG Family user”.

After that you’ll have your users downloaded into TroopTrack! You can invite them to create a TroopTrack account by clicking on “manage”, “members” and “invite users”.

-David Keener


This is amazing!! Thank you!!

Thank you so much!!!

Hillarrie Jones

Thanks for creating this feature. I’m going to do another upload. But can I just send you the new members instead of the whole member list? Will that just import the new ones instead? Thanks

@Keener-Trooptrack Not to be picky… But is there a way to see when a request was sent in our account? I sent one in several days back. But when I used the browse button, the “Choose file” never changed to the file name I put in. When I did it, even hovering over the Browse button didn’t show the file. Today, I decided to try again. And while it still continued to say, “Choose file,” hovering over the Browse button now would show my file. I submitted it again today just to make sure it did go through and both times I tried it, a few days ago and today, it said that my request had been sent.

Was curious if there was a way to see who/when submitted requests and if that would keep people (like me who aren’t 100% certain on what they are doing) from sending you multiple requests by accident. :wink:

Does anyone know what field is used to match? I didn’t know about this and would love to try it. How does it do households? I don’t recall seeing that field in the exported file.

Does this happen immediately? Or do we make the request and then wait for TT to do something manually? I imported my spreadsheet but my new girls are not in TT. I’m not sure if they should be or if there’s turnaround time. Thanks!

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Wondering the same. I just submitted the CSV file and nothing is showing up. Does TroopTrack have to do something on their end? Also, would it not be easier to simply fix the “integrate with AHG connect” to AHGfamily?

Followed steps suggested above but keep getting the below error message. I thought that’s why we downloaded it. Tried getting a response from support but they must be backed up. I need to add my new registered families in here asap. We have an event coming up.
Suggestions? Please help.

Fix the following problems with your CSV file before continuing:

  • Unrecognized headers: #, Nickname, Youth, Role, Adult Cc Email, Email Opt-Out, Member Number, Current Level, Squad, Birthdate, Age, Grade, Address Line 1, Line 2, Zip, Mobile Phone, Membership Exp., KEYS Taken, and CBC Taken
  • Missing headers: youth_or_adult and household

AHGFamily does not support the integrate feature. National no longer allows Troop Track to connect to it. The CSV file is your best bet unless you want to add new families manually. If it’s been several days and they haven’t been imported, contact Troop Track via email and they will get back to you quickly. Troop Track has to import the file from their end, it isn’t an automatic thing once you upload it.

Hope that helps!

I believe the import file has to match what their system takes.
On the spreadsheet import/export screen, If you look at the blue box where it says export, it tells you that exporting is helpful to use as a template to import.
I opened the export from troop track and then the import from AHGfamily and matched up all the columns. Some columns from AHGfamily had to be deleted and some had to be moved. And the birthdate one, I had to change from English USA to English Australia so that troop track would recognize the format of DD/MM/YY as it didn’t like the MM/DD/YY that is normally used in the USA.
It was a little tedious and I am still getting an error I can’t fix, but I am down to only one error!

Okay, just found the real fix! There are two boxes with drop down menus. The first is to choose file. The second drop down is to chose type of import. You need to select “AHG Family User.” Then if you look back towards the top of the screen, in a blue bar, it says, “import request created”

(the first 10 times I left it on “Users”) I’m a slow learner, but I learn!

@Keener-Trooptrack Hi, I am trying to get our new members setup in Troop Track and wanted to confirm that the above instructions from July are still the latest/correct? ie, The only way to pull in the new members from AHG Family is to submit the spreadsheet and wait for the manual integration from someone at Troop Track? Thanks!

@GinaGlaser1, Yes, this is still the correct process. Unfortunately Keener is no longer at TT and this is their busiest time of year so it will take some time for them to process your import.