Import from AHG Family

Hi everyone,

Users can download a spreadsheet of their users from AHG Family. Then in TroopTrack click on “support” and “spreadsheet import/export”.

Then choose the file from your computer and have the type of import be “AHG Family user”.

After that you’ll have your users downloaded into TroopTrack! You can invite them to create a TroopTrack account by clicking on “manage”, “members” and “invite users”.

-David Keener


This is amazing!! Thank you!!

Thank you so much!!!

Hillarrie Jones

Thanks for creating this feature. I’m going to do another upload. But can I just send you the new members instead of the whole member list? Will that just import the new ones instead? Thanks

@Keener-Trooptrack Not to be picky… But is there a way to see when a request was sent in our account? I sent one in several days back. But when I used the browse button, the “Choose file” never changed to the file name I put in. When I did it, even hovering over the Browse button didn’t show the file. Today, I decided to try again. And while it still continued to say, “Choose file,” hovering over the Browse button now would show my file. I submitted it again today just to make sure it did go through and both times I tried it, a few days ago and today, it said that my request had been sent.

Was curious if there was a way to see who/when submitted requests and if that would keep people (like me who aren’t 100% certain on what they are doing) from sending you multiple requests by accident. :wink: