TroopTrack connection to AHGfamily?

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack !

I just spent some time looking at AHGfamily, and I am wondering if TroopTrack has any plans to “Integrate” with it.

I don’t see our leaders’ training records in AHGfamily, so I have downloaded them from TroopTrack just in case they do not transfer successfully. now just says “Coming Soon - AHGfamily.” I don’t know what would happen if I tried to “integrate with AHGConnect” now. I am concerned I would lose a lot of important data.



I just downloaded my first .csv from AHGfamily manually.

There are some differences from the Connect csv files, so I wouldn’t integrate just yet.

It looks like we all will need to do extra work to get the kinks out, but I think it will be worth it.

So far it appears that badges will still need to be managed with TT or some other system.

Hi y’all,

I was able to talk with my manager and boss about this issue. We will (in the future) be removing syncing with AHG Connect as AHG Family is replacing AHG Connect.

In AHG Family users will be able to download spreadsheets. TroopTrack has a place to upload spreadsheets (by clicking on “support”, and “request spreadsheet import/export”) and we will allow the importing of spreadsheets from AHG Family.


David Keener


I appreciate TroopTrack having a place to upload spreadsheets into its system and since I have used TroopTrack for many years now I have become very familiar with it. My concern is that either AHGfamily or TroopTrack is going to be redundant. I especially don’t want to input the same information into both systems (redundancy). Will TroopTrack be able to upload into AHGfamily because I would much rather input into TroopTrack all my awards, service hours, badges and patches and then TroopTrack upload to AHGfamily.

Hillarrie Jones

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Hi Hillarrie!

I have been poking around in our Troop’s AHG family account. I have the Board level access as my troop’s Treasurer.

I fear redundancy too, but I do not see any badge tracking in AHGfamily so far, so I think we will still need need TT for that. AHG has never maintained badge history for girls, only level awards, spiritual award, a few program patches. That still seems to be the case with AHGfamily.

I have no experience uploading files from Troop Track into AHGCONNECT. I didn’t know that was ever a thing.

Hey Richard,
It looks like badges and service hours can be tracked. I’m not sure what Treasurer can see in AHGfamily but I am the Advancement Coordinator and if you go to Achievements, select Track Level and Awards it will take you to a new window that allows you to select a level then below that you select the member, then below that you select the badge or activity. Once the badge or activity is selected you then have a screen very similar to TroopTrack where the badge info can be entered. I have not entered anything yet since we are between badge orders.

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Oh, I see it now!
I assumed it was just level awards and never clicked the list!
Thanks for the help!

I am probably the only one in AHG that likes using the money functions in Troop Track to communicate family balances, but it isn’t worth the annual fee if we start using AHG family.

Thanks again for your help!


Hey David,
Does this mean that if a troop does “Integrate with AHG connect” right now that it will still pull from AHGconnect? I know we can’t get into AHGconnect website anymore, but a lot of troops have lost some contact info/ data in the move and I’m wondering if it would help them to get that back?

Thanks for having the ability to upload stuff for those troops who will still use TT!

Love TroopTrack! Our troop has no intention to stop using it and will do the bare minimum we have to in AHGfamily. TroopTrack offers so much and is essential to our troop’s functioning. Thank you for being so responsive and helpful to our troops’ needs.

Can you please elaborate on uploading spreadsheets??

  • Do you mean once new members join in FAMILY, we need to make a spreadsheet to upload into TT, to get new member profiles created/trainings updated??
    Thank you!!
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I am interested in this answer too as the AHG family spreadsheets have different headers than what is required for TT uploads and the Youth/Adult header is Youth in AHGfamily and is filled in with “Yes” instead of “Youth”

There are several issues like this that will require a conversion.

Hi @Richard_Bayless,

You will need to modify the spreadsheets to match this format. However, if someone can send us an example of the spreadsheets you can download from TroopTrack and what they look like, then the tech team can work on creating an importer that accepts. the spreadsheets from AHG Family without needing to change them. Those can be uploaded here in the community or sent to us @


David Keener

I sent support a spreadsheet with the AHGfamily headers. I hope it helps!


We added a new member to our troop right after the switch to AHG Family.

Hey Kathleen,
Were you able to add your new member into Trooptrack? We are in the same boat and just added a new family to our troop but I’m not sure how to get them into Trooptrack with the new AHG Family.


Hi @AliciaKuka,

Please see this page on adding a user manually. You can also see my comments in this discussion on downloading a spreadsheet of your users from AHG Family, dofifying the file, and then uploading it to TroopTrack.


David Keener

Hi everyone,

We’ve added the feature of enabling users to upload the AHG Family spreadsheet without needing to modify the file.

Just click on “support”, “user import/export” and choose the “AHG Family User” as the file format.


David Keener

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Is there a usual time line in how long it takes after importing?

If it is the same process as other group types then it is not truly automated, the spreadsheet goes to a TT staff member and they do the actual upload. Right now TT staff is short handed and it is their busiest time of year.

Thank you for responding. It is just hard to know if it went through and we are waiting or if we were missing something.

Thank you,

Melissa Crone