Calendar export in Google


I have seen a post about this in Importing TT Calendar into Personal Calendar but I do not really consider this as an answer.

Individual events can be exported manually but we are what you’d call an active pack and exporting each individual event is very time consuming.

So, is there a built in way to export the calendar events by week, month, or year and if so, how?
If there is no such function, I’d like to know too so that I can suggest it as an idea.


I am a little confused because the post above seems to be exactly what you are looking for. I just want to be sure I understand. You want to export your entire calendar to Google and not just individual events, correct? If so then the answer should be here CalDAV/OS X Calendar Feed?

The link does work but it’s not exactly straight forward.
A button with that link on the calendar page directly would go a long way…
Also, it’s all or nothing meaning no filtering by date or rsvp

I do agree it would be nice if the Calendar Subscription link was more accessible to individuals, I typically send it out a few times a year and when new people join so they can subscribe to it, I include some links to a couple articles if they need help subscribing. There have been other posts I remember seeing asking about individual subscriptions for Dens or Patrols so they don’t have everything.

Use the following link to subscribe to the Troop Calendar on your iPhone Calendar App or your Google Calendar.

Here are some general instructions:
iPhone Instructions -
Google Calendar (Scroll down to Subscribe to an Online Calendar) -
Mac Instructions for iCloud -

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Okay this makes more sense to me. We are a Girl Scout troop so all of our events are for all of our members as we are only one grade level. This means we just need one link and we add that link to our digital calendar. But if Boy Scout troops are needing different calendars for different groups then yes I see how it can be frustrating to not be able to sort the digital calendar. Thanks for the clarification!

It works but having a filter would really be a big plus…