Inactive members still appearing in advancement reports

I have created an advancement report by patrol, and I have two inactive members show up in the report. It is very irritating… I can’t find a way to remove them and clean up the report. When I go to deactivated members, they don’t appear there either. They don’t appear in any member list that I can find to fix this.

I have a similar issue in my troop. I deactivated two adult members (former leaders) over a year ago, but they still show up in various locations. I don’t see them in the list of deactivated members. I do see them in the Households list. If I try to click on their name in the Households list I get “The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.” If I “Send an Email” they don’t show up in the list of members. But if I send the email to certain groups (not sure exactly which ones) they appear to get a copy. I’ve deactivated other members that have worked properly – just these two “ghosts”. If somebody from TroopTrack would be able to help get these cleaned up, I’d be happy to share the member names and whatever other details you need privately.

Hi there,

Other TroopTrack accounts don’t expire like this. Trail Life accounts have some sort of countdown that deactivates them after a certain amount of time. I believe only the Trail Life home office can reactivate users this happens to. I’ve looked and I can’t do anything about those users on my end and it doesn’t look like there’s anything you can do to help it either. Just tell the TL helpdesk that you have users who have been deactivated due to inactivity and they should be able to reactivate them.