Incomplete Achievements - AHG badges - USELESS!

With the way they AHG badges are showing up in the Incomplete Achievements, it is impossible to figure out which requirements have been completed by a group of girls on a particular badge. All I get is either the “Complete all these” section is completed (I assume that the date means completed), or the “Complete X of these” is completed (date) or not (empty). I get that if the girl has completed the badge, she just doesn’t show up on the list.

If I want to look at all the Patriot girls, and see which requirements the girls have completed for a particular badge, so I can plan how to help them finish it, this page is completely useless! I need to see on this list 1) which requirements are required for this level, 2) which are optional requirements (and not a different level requirement), and 3) what INDIVIDUAL requirements each girl has completed - NOT which group of requirements are completed. As it stands right now, I have to go to each girl’s profile to look up this information.


Hi @Haggard,

Thank you for the suggestions. Let’s get some more feedback from the community and then we will proceed.


This used to be a great resource, now it tells me NOTHING! I used it tons over the summer to plan and now it has regressed! I want to see which girls have completed which requirements on one page without having to go to each girl’s achievement page individually. Now, when I put in a badge and the level, I just get a list of names and a column of numbers across the top. Where are the dates (or an X or something) that go in each column in each girl’s row that says whether or not she has done that requirement? Then I can pinpoint the requirements that haven’t been done and plan to finish them.


If I could like these comments more than once, I would! :slight_smile:

We just joined Troop Track and I have been trying to figure out how to navigate it. I will admit I have been confused by the “Incomplete Achievements Book.” It sounds so useful! Yet, all I get is an empty grid with the girls’ names on one side, and “Do the Following” and “Do 2 of the Following” as column headers for the 2 data columns.

What I am looking for is a grid that has the girls in my unit (Explorers) on the side, with the Requirement/ Elective # as column headers, and then an “X” (or a date, if that is useful) in the cell.

If that isn’t possible, if you could have the girl’s name in the “Incomplete Achievements Book” link to her Achievements tab (directly to the badge in question) then it would be easier for me to individually look through each girl’s record.

But I would prefer the grid.

For 2 meetings, we had to split up our Explorer unit into two squads to work on some badge requirements. We ran out of time and were not able to complete all the requirements for all the girls at that meeting. At the next meeting, 2 girls were absent, so they weren’t able to finish certain requirements. Now I have to figure out who needs to complete which requirements. I know that TroopTrack has the data (because I have been uploading it), but I will have to make a separate Excel spreadsheet and manually enter data in order to finish up our badgework. Boohoo.



Sorry for revisiting this, if it is already being looked into…

This is what I get when I look at the Incomplete Achievements Book:

It would be very helpful for planning purposes to see the specific requirements that have been completed (along with the date of completion).


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We have a fix on its way. It will look more like this:

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This would be perfect!! Thanks!!

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That would be great! Thank you!

Actually, it would be ideal if TroopTrack would NOT list all the requirements for other levels as optional requirements. The optional requirements are the same for each level of the badge, because the girls are not supposed to use a level requirement as an optional requirement. For example, in the Living & Working in Space badge (shown in your post) at ANY level, the only “Do X of these” requirements are 4,5,6,10,11,12,13,18,19,20,21,22,23,24. The requirements 1-3 of this badge are requirements for Tenderheart level, but they are NOT optional for other levels. Likewise 7-9 and 14-17 are not optionals for any level in the badge, as they are requirements for Explorer and Pioneer/Patriot levels. If this oversight was fixed throughout TroopTrack, that would be ideal. I know that probably takes a lot of programming, so I am not expecting a fix on that anytime soon, but it would be ideal.

Yes, I totally agree! The requirements for one level are not optionals for another level. It didn’t used to be listed like this. a fix would be great for both this, and the incomplete achievement page. I really think this USED to be a great resource!

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2 things that might complicate this suggestion are:

  1. I thought that you could only complete each elective once. If the girl completes elective #6 when she is a Tenderheart, she should not be able to complete the same elective #6 when she is an Explorer. I don’t know how TT could handle that scenario, since it would vary from girl to girl.

  2. I thought that if a girl did not complete all the requirements for a badge at a particular level, she could use the un-completed requirements for that rank as electives at a higher level. For example, if she did not earn Travel badge as a Tenderheart, she could use any un-completed Tenderheart requirements as electives when she is an Explorer.

I’d love clarification from AHG on this. Does anyone know if AHG has a policy about which requirements and electives can be completed by each rank? I have not read anything about it anywhere. My impression from campfire chats is that anything goes, as long as you complete all the rank requirements, and don’t complete the same requirement/ elective twice.


You are right on 1), it can be complicated, and I don’t know how TT can keep track of optionals completed in a lower level badge without some pretty major programming if-then’s. I think that would be very complicated. However, you can look at the girl’s badge from the previous level yourself, which would help, but is, again, another step and time consuming. My issue is that I want to know which requirements are level requirements vs optional requirements, and the current way it is done does not tell me that information in TT. I have to look in the book for that info.

As far as 2) goes, here is what I know… When AHG first created the badges, the optionals after each level requirement set were the only optionals the girls could do when completing that level. For example. in Living & Working in Space, the TH girls could only choose from optionals 4-6, the EX could only choose from optionals 10-13, and the PiPa girls could only choose from optionals 18-24. At some time prior to 2011 (when I joined), they changed that rule so that the girls at any level could choose from ANY optional requirement at any level, as long as they did not repeat an optional requirement. There has never been any instruction from AHG, as far as I know, indicating that the lower level requirements may serve as optionals for upper level girls that didn’t complete the badge previously. Optionals are optionals, and level requirements are level requirements, and they don’t mix. Again, this is as far as I can tell from the materials. The handbook (pg 10) states this (emphasis is mine): “Optional requirements are requirements you get to choose. These requirements do not have a uniform next to them as you can choose whichever optional requirement you find interesting.” There is absolutely no indication here that level requirements (with uniform next to them) are at any time to count as optional requirements. Again, on page 73: “You may earn any of the optional requirements listed in the badge, at any level. The optional located below your level requirements are usually the most age appropriate, but you don’t have to choose those if another optional interests you more. You may only count an optional once - you cannot use the same optional at multiple levels.” There is no indication here, either, that a level requirement may be used as an optional for a different level. In fact, it specifies that optional requirements are listed below the level requirements. I think that perhaps some leaders have chosen to view previous level requirements as optionals for those who didn’t finish a previous level badge, but that did NOT come from AHG, Inc. I think the handbook makes that pretty clear.

Thank you for taking the time to look into that and type it up for me!

I wonder if marking the rank requirements with a * would help differentiate them from electives? E.g., 1*, 2*, 3*, 4, 5, 6, 7*, 8*, 9*, 10, 11, 12. Then you would know at the time you are entering your data that 7, 8, and 9 are intended to be requirements (for some rank) and should not be completed as electives.

I suppose you could even label them 1T, 2T, 3T, 4, 5, 6, 7E, 8E, 9E, 10, 11, 12, to communicate which rank that requirement is for.

Hi everyone

Have you seen the “Requirements detail” report in the Members->Reports menu (down the bottom)?

It’s not perfect - the headings don’t tell you too much - but it does show which parts people have done.

I have no idea why it’s hidden down the bottom of the reports menu in the Members section instead of being obvious under “Achieve” but it is…

I tried to replicate this using API calls - I got as far as exporting data to CSV files which I imported into Excel manually. It wasn’t a great success, especially because the API doesn’t seem to have the info showing which parts of each award are compulsory and which are optional, etc. My spreadsheet does some of those calcs manually using formulas (which is painful to set up).

Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t see Members > Reports in the AHG interface.

I see Quick Nav > Members, and Quick Nav > Reports, but they don’t seem to get me to this data.

And there is Manage > Reports > Awards, which takes you to Badge Book.

When I click on the name of the badge, I get a list of abbreviated requirements, but it does not show what each girl has completed.

Maybe I am missing something obvious? :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

Thanks, I just looked at that. The only problem with that report is that it includes non-active members, so I currently have 2 patriots, but it is showing me ALL our former patriot girls along with the 2 active ones. It still is more helpful than the no-information page in the Achievements section, though.

Yes, I agree with Haggard in that the optionals are optionals and that no rank requirements (with uniforms next to them) can be used as optionals. I have been waiting to hear back officially from AHG about that which is why I haven’t answered sooner.
When we pull up a certain badge, how about JUST having the rank requirements listed at the top (like it is now) based on the Unit Level and then ALL of the optionals listed in the bottom section that says “Complete 1 (or 2 or 3) of the following”.
So an Explorer working on Living & Working in Space would have #s 7, 8, and 9 listed since they are Explorer required PLUS #1 would be listed since #7 says to complete #1. Then the second section would have “Complete 2 of the following” and list ALL of the optionals - 4-6, 10-13, and 18-24.
A Pioneer working on the same badge would have #s 14, 15, 16, 17 at the top PLUS #1 and #7 (since #14 refers to those), and then all of the optionals would be listed under the “Complete 3 of the following” section.
That would make it much easier when entering in badge work since so many of the badges for the older girls refer back to some of the requirements for the younger units.
In the past, at the very top of the screen, you had written for each Unit which requirements were required. You could do that again or try the * idea to mark them. I don’t know what’s easier from the programming standpoint.


I was just trying to go to that report again, and found it too far down on the list for me to get to on the Manage>Reports submenu. So if you go to Manage>Reports>All Reports, that takes you to the “All Reports” page. Then click on Canned Reports and you can find it on that menu. :slight_smile:

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I like this solution that JuliaGardner proposed!

I found the report! Thanks for the directions! It will be useful. :slight_smile:

I also like Julia’s suggestion. I have a feeling that the program was just taking the list of all requirements, and putting them in one section or the other for each level. I don’t know if that was easier programming, but it is misleading, and potentially frustrating. It may be why some leaders think that lower level requirements may be used as optionals, I don’t know. But I would love to have ONLY the optionals listed in the “Do 1 (or 2, or 3) of these” section.