Incomplete Acheivements page not updating (AHG)

I just input a number of completed requirements to the Daughter of the King (PI/PA) for a number of our girls. Then I went to the Incomplete Achievements page, and NONE of the completed requirements I just entered showed up. So I checked the individual record for one of the girls, and the just-entered information was there. I went back to Incomplete Achievements, and still… not there. I don’t see a refresh button to possibly re-align the information to the newly entered information. This page is STILL useless if the information doesn’t update!

ALSO - Just checked another badge in the Incomplete Achievements Book, and what is showing up there is just plain wrong. The completed requirements are wrong. So I think this is a problem of the requirements not translating into the Incomplete Achievements Book properly. Dance (PI/PA) for both our Patriot girls shows requirements not completed as completed, and completed ones as blank. I’m sure this is not the only badge this is happening to. Please check accuracy for all Incomplete Achievements Book records.

I’m afraid I don’t see anything wrong with those achievements.

Let me know if you have anything specific you’d like me to check out.

Thank you.

Same girl:

Individual Achievement Record

First line here in Incomplete Achievements Book

As you can see, they don’t correlate at all!

Oh, I see.

I apologize. This was not clear to me. For some reason I thought you were talking about requirements you marked off not showing up properly in the Achievement Overview report.

I’ll send this to the developers and see what they say.


I see that this post (AHG Hiking Badge: Incorrect Display for Incomplete Achievements Book) seems like it is probably the same problem. However it doesn’t look like it has a reply from you. Didn’t know if maybe you missed it.

I suspect that the changes made to the badge completion data storage are impacting the display of Incomplete Achievements.

Sometime in the last year or so, the elements were grouped under the required and choice headings. The newer structure results in a misleading calculation of completeness too as it uses percentage of completed required elements combined with percentage of choice elements rather than giving equal weight to each. Some of the rational to the change may have been to avoid giving completion credit if a scout did extra choice elements but not all those required.

I’ve also found the Incomplete Acheivements pages to be utterly broken. At first I was excited, I was thinking “finally! They have a Dashboard-like display that can show all the scouts in my den”. They I tried to use it and found it gave me bad data and/or incorrect showed data incorrectly. In some cases, I had no idea what it was showing me!

Let me give you an example: I tried to show the Games Tigers Play and first, I had to select the correct one. My choices were “Tiger Adventure: Games Tigers Play” and “Tiger Adventure: Games Tigers Play (2016+)” ??? What? Why is there even a choice for this?? Here’s what each showed me:

Evan is one of the kids that it doesn’t show anything for, yet he has fully completed this one:

This area is broken. Please fix it, it would be useful. As it stands now, I have to keep individually clicking on each scout and don’t have any good way to show all my Tigers and what pieces of a requirement are missing for each scout.