INFO NEEDED: Calendar only shows January 2020 when scrolling

When you scroll down through the calendar, each month is January 2020. I can use the buttons at the top to advance the month, but it still shows several repeat months of January 2020 below the month displayed.

Also, when you clicked on the calendar entry in the other TT, it used to have the ICAL option in a dropbox. In the beta, you have to click on ‘details’ first to get to the event page where you can then find the ICAL option. Would be nice if it were back on the the calendar part…less clicking! :-).

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Also…in our other TT, when you hover over the calendar entry on the calendar, it would pop up a display of the details associated with that entry. That was great! The beta doesn’t do that. Again…less clicking :slight_smile:

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@elisacanon I’m looking into the January 2020 issue first, but I can’t reproduce it. Can you paste the URL of the page where you see this?

Well, I can’t reproduce it either! I went into the calendar just now and it only shows the one month. And when I forward to the next months, it only shows the current month, not a whole bunch of January 2020’s. So I guess it’s “fixed” :-).

BUT, it still would be nice if the option for ICAL (and other calendar options) were available on that same pop-up screen where the ‘details’ button is. That’s handy bc I already know I want to add a regular meeting to my own personal calendar. I don’t need to click on the details page to get more info before I decide. Less clicking…THX!

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