DISCUSSING: Full calendar view is gone

Under the Plan tab menu, TT4 doesn’t allow us to view full calendar any longer, so we can see each month by scrolling on the screen. Why was that option removed?


You can scroll between months on the calendar page by clickin the blue arrow buttons on top of the calendar. You can scroll by month and by year. The first set of arrows (circled in red) will allow you to scroll back or forward a month. The second set of arrows (circled in green) will allow you to scroll back or forward by year.

Let me know if that is what you are looking for.


Thanks Tyler, I do like those buttons, but it’s not exactly what we had in the last version to be able to see the full year on the same screen by scrolling down/up.

Are you talking about a list view? I don’t remember the monthly calendar ever being scrollable down the browser screen to see the whole thing?

Nhaggenjos, Under Plan in the top menu, you can select Year at a Glance to see a PDF of all the calendar events for the year. I don’t remember seeing this in previous versions of TT.

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Nhaggenjos, Were you scrolling on a mobile device, or do you remember it working on a laptop/ desktop?

This full year view worked on mobile and desktop. Attached is a screenshot I used for a user guide for our parents.