Eagle Palms in Internet Advancement

Are Eagle palms excluded from the data sent in for Internet Advancement? Our council is saying that we must have Eagle Palms loaded into Scoutbook to be able to purchase them. (They have done away with the application process.) But I cannot get TroopTrack to include them in the IA 2.0 files. Am I missing something, or is this functionality not available?

Thank you. Troop 102

Hi @JustinBaugh,

Eagle Palms aren’t included in the I.A 2.0 report since typically this requires an application process and many Troops handle those outside of TroopTrack due to the extra steps taken to get those awarded to scouters.

Is there not an application for those anymore?


David Keener

I don’t know if it is universal, but our council (Westark Area, Arkansas) does not accept the applications anymore. It has to be filed in Scoutbook.

I have figured out how to mark these advancements completed in Scoutbook. But it is a pain to have to manage this outside of Troop Track. Hopefully it can be updated soon?

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