Intranet display messed up?


Did something significant change in the way the Intranet/ log in screen displays?

I had our homepage set up with tables, and everything displayed nicely on the PC and on the phone. Now I get a jumble on both PC and phone:

Can someone look into this? Or did I miss an announcement? I am not too involved in TroopTrack these days, so it is very possible.


We’re seeing display problems on the intranet pages too. Something appears to have recently changed.

Hi y’all,

I have reported this issue to the tech team. They’re working on a fix for it.

Once the issue is resolved, then I’ll reach out on this thread.


David Keener


We are having the same issue, but I am guessing everyone is.

Very messed up. Looks like the HTML tags are messed up for columns. Check out:

Having the same issue with intranet and extranet.

Is there any update as to when this will get fixed?

Removing the div class="fr-view mb-2 d-flex justify-content-center resolves the issue for the site I am working on.

While we are waiting for a TroopTrack fix, I put in a temporary fix. If you edit your site in HTML and add a the following at the top, it will over write the code with the bug.

Thanks! I fixed all of my pages.

The open and closing “div” tags fixed my site as well.

Does <div> go before the <html> and </div> after </html> or somewhere within the html block? I cannot seem to get the div block to “take”.

You should add the <div> tag at the very beginning. Do not add a <html>’ tag.
You can add the <div> tag at the very end as well, or the code will add it for you when you save.

All the code that was present when you clicked on the Code View icon and switched to see the html version of your page.

I am using an iframe, so it is still broken for me.

Hi everyone,

The tech team was able to fix the website pages. You should now be able to see all your pages and have correct formatting.


David Keener


That is not true for me. Using iframe does not display as it once did. The embedded html displays below everything else instead of beside the column at left displaying the private/public pages.

I see that iframe is now displaying correctly. Thanks!