Setup Intranet Page

Is there a template that has links to all the pages so that people don’t have to go through the menu.

Are there any built in widgets for displaying scout master info or asst scout master info?

I wanted to setup a main private landing page so they can instantly see our calendar.
A feed of Announcements.
A list of all the scoutmaster and asst scout master and other troop personnel so users can quickly communicate with proper troop people.


Hi @bdgacki,

Go to Manage > Settings > Edit Troop/Pack Settings, Webmaster Tools tab and click “Redirect all members to your root private web page when they first log in?”

This will redirect members to your Intranet when they log in.

I’m not sure what you mean about showing scout master info. You are welcome to type it into your public or private page. Many people will put a contact number on their public site as well as a date and time for the next meeting.

Also under “Webmaster Tools”, you can click “Display your calendar on your public website?” to make that easily accessible.

I don’t think you can do a feed of announcements, but you are certainly welcome to enter them there. You may consider using the newsletter feature. Communicate > Newsletter Settings. This allows you to create custom announcements for a specified period of time and it will inform users of any events they are invited to over the next 7 or 30 days.

Troop Leadership information can be found under Manage > About Your Troop, Leadership tab.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack,

I am trying my hand at a troop Intranet page.

Is there a way to get rid of the listing of Intranet pages on the left side of the screen?

On a desktop computer, the listing takes up a lot of space, but when you view the Intranet on a phone, the listing of pages is the only thing people see at first:

I had a parent click on a link to one of my Intranet pages, but she became very confused when she saw this listing instead of the info she was expecting to see. Didn’t think to scroll down.

It would be much more helpful for the lay person if the list of pages was not on the home page of the Intranet. Perhaps a link in the gray menu bar that says “List of Intranet Pages” would be helpful.

Thanks! I am beginning to look forward to the day when we can use the Intranet page as our homepage instead of the Dashboard. :slight_smile:

Hi @mwestcott1,

You can delete any page other than the home pages. To do this click on “share”, then “the troop’s website”. Click on the page, and in the top menu bar the “delete this page” button will appear letting you delete a page you don’t want.

Deleting a page can help to thin down the choices and let the user see only a couple pages that are relevant to your Troop.


David Keener

Hi David!

I don’t think I want to delete any of those pages, since they are all important to the troop. Plus I am linking them to the Intranet home page.

Or am I misunderstanding how to use the Intranet feature? Should I be putting my content pages somewhere else?


Hi @mwestcott1,

If you want to reduce what pages are being shown on that list then you’ll want to add a page as an attachment to another page.

For example I see your list of 2020-21 special awards page is linked to your page of 2020-21 awards updates. This is because someone clicked “add page” while they were on that page, which attached the new page to that page of 2020-21 awards updates. This can help to reduce the number of pages they initially see when clicking on “share” and the web page. Otherwise they’ll see every page connected to the home page. This is so they can navigate to the next page.

The list of pages is out to the side of each page so the person can scroll over an navigate to the page they want to view. When they click on an option it’ll take them to the page they want but also have the other pages above so they can navigate out of that page.


David Keener

I think the issue is that on a phone, all of those links appear first, before the content of the page is shown to the user. So if someone clicks on a link to an Intranet page, they will at first see a long list of pages, not the content they are expecting to see.

Are you saying that if I nest the Intranet pages, they won’t appear as a long list? This was not my experience, if I recall correctly.

(Also, when I accidentally created that nested Intranet page, there was no way for me to move it up a level…)

To eliminate the long list of Intranet pages, I ended up making most of my Intranet pages into documents that I uploaded to Share > Troop Documents, but I didn’t like having to do that because it is much harder to make changes to a Shared PDF (find the original .doc on my PC, make edits, export as a new PDF, delete the old PDF on TT, upload the new PDF to TT, get the link to the new PDF, update the Intranet page with the new PDF link).

I was not happy with having to move my Intranet pages to Shared Documents because it is so much easier to just click Edit Page on the Intranet.

But I do not know what solution there is; I understand that you do have to list the Intranet pages somewhere. Maybe at the bottom of the page?

I figured out a way around the situation for reducing contents of the intranet menu.

One can link to an announcement (even an “expired” announcement) from an intranet page. The announcement can be updated but it is not a page displayed in the intranet nested menu.