Invitation list when creating an event

This is a serious problem with your software. It appears you are not giving it serious efforts to fix since it has been on the list since at least May. All you need to do is take a look at the roster right before the invitation and reminders are sent. What you are doing now is taking a snapshot of those in the selected list when the event is created and not looking again when it is sent. ALL troops do their planning and event creation before the roster is complete. This cannot continue. It is fairly simple code. You should have been able to take care of it months ago. Just do a lookup before sending the message, or creating a signup sheet, etc.

What you are doing is requiring each and every event to be opened and re-saved every time another person is added to the roster.


Hi @YolandaOneal2015,

Thank you for sharing this idea. We will definitely consider it.

Have a nice day!

Wondering if this problem was ever address. I need to warn my users at it is significant. Thanks. Steve

I have never had an issue with this, new members are added to events automatically. Perhaps they just never came back and updated this community post after they added this feature.

This is not working for me. I added a new scout this evening, and neither that scout nor his parents appeared on any event on the Invitee list until I edited/updated the event.

“Everyone” was invited to the event initially, and I did not change that. Just Edit, followed by “Update Event”.

Maybe the new scout is added, but not listed on the event? Or does it take a while for the event list to be updated? Or maybe there’s a property I need to set when adding the scout? I did that by hand, not using the import from ScoutBook or IA.

Thanks for the reply Aaron. This one I quoted above doesn’t appear to work since I viewed all the detail pages, including switching back to the calendar and re-opening the event on several (just in case) before doing the edit/save refresh.

I’ll keep the 3rd in mind (we don’t use the newsletter) and see if it resolves the next time we have a new scout.

Thanks again.

It’s also possible some of this has changed with the new version of TT.