Is it possible to restore or view a deleted event

Someone deleted an event I created when they should have just changed the date. I would like to restore it with a new date, but I would settle for just viewing it in order to copy and paste the description. Is this possible? Are deleted events gone forever?

I don’t believe that is possible but you will need to have @KelsieC or someone else from TT to respond to know for sure.

@AaronStorey is correct. Unfortunately, there’s no way to restore a deleted event. This is something we’ve discussed implementing in the past, but it is a somewhat complicated issue, so we have chosen not to move forward on it for the moment.

Would it be possible to restrict access to deleting events (changes still okay)? We’d like to allow parents to edit events, but we don’t want them to be able to delete them for this very reason.

@TeraNakano-Louie A request like this has come up before. The idea of Roles which could allow for more granular control of who can do what in TT, this would require a great deal of development. TT has a limited staff and only one Developer so implementing major changes like that can be a long process. Add your like and a comment on this thread to show your support for the idea. Until such time as something like this can be implemented you really just have to limit who has full access and tell everyone who does to be careful with what they do.

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Thank you for the reply.