Manage Events Privilege Refinement

We would like to request that the Manage events Privilege be modified so you can avoid people from accidentally deleting events. We realized a bug that one can delete a past event even if camping/tent/hiking miles were logged. This is a severe issue for us as it causes a potential data loss of these advancement related information. Because of this, we cannot share ability to simply allow other volunteers to help add / edit events because of this risk. I would like to suggest splitting up this privilege to the following separate privileges:

  • Create events: allow setting up everything (event coordinators)
  • Edit event, description, and attachments (event coordinators)
  • Edit event RSVP records (cannot refund or debit money accounts) (event coordinators)
  • Edit event payment records (can debit money accounts or refund) (for treasurer)
  • Edit event attendance and nights/miles data (for scoutmasters)
  • Delete events having no payments or logged attendance (event coordinators), typically for mistakes or canceled events
  • Delete events all other types (for admin only)

The info in parentheses indicates what types of users (in our troop) would be given those privileges for events.

Since we moved to TroopTrack, we’ve found events is one of the most used features for our troop. This would help our 100+ users in our troop tremendously. Please reach out for questions.


@Spencer Wondering if this can be prioritized? thanks much!

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We’d like to get some more feedback from other people before we make a change like this, so I changed the topic from “Bug” to “Ideas”.

I like the restriction on Delete. For my troop, we don’t use the accounts, so I can’t speak to that, and the rest would be available to our event coordinators.

For us, it would be nice if events could only be deleted by the event creator, or by those with some higher-up admin-level privileges (Troop coordinator, e.g.).

I disagree with restricting Edit Event RSVP records to event coordinators. We have troop meetings which were created by our Troop Coordinator, but RSVPs and attendance should be recordable by the Unit Leaders.

@Spencer I think the biggest item from my original request is prevent accidentally deleting events that have logged attendance. Please consider adding this function and perhaps the other privileges can be considered for future release once you have more feedback. We really need to separate out delete permissions for things like this. Looking forward to hearing when this can be done.


The ability to restrict the deleting of events would be awesome! I have just gotten the troop up and running with the ability to manage their own participation. However, there is no way to allow them to record their own attendance in planned troop events without also giving them the ability to delete any event. Would it be possible restrict the deleting of events to only the Unit level access?

I’d like to bump this request up and see there is any movement on being able to separate out “deleting” from Create and/or Edit rights.

Couple of specific examples of where we could REALLY use this

  1. we would like our Troop Scribe (a scout in a leadership position) to be able to record attendance for various event/meetings/activities. In order to allow this in TT we have to grant him “unit” access and “Manage events: Create, edit, and delete events” Privileges.

Separating out Deleting from Creating and/or Editing … (I’d be okay with Create and Delete as one role and Edit as a second), would allow him to make the changes and not accidently delete the event and all it’s associated data.

  1. We would like to start asking our Merit Badge Councilors to track Merit Badge progress (i.e. Partial Merit Badges) in TT. However to have them do that we must grant all our councilors “unit” access and “Edit achievement records: Edit user achievement records” privileges. That is A LOT of access to grant. Again the ability to allow them to just edit … separate from Create and/or Delete would help us all sleep well at night knowing that nothing gets accidently removed from a Scouts records.

I hope you will consider this request.

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