Unchangeable Event Invitees

I have events where group A and B are invited. But now only want A invited. After editing the event, unselecting B and updating the event, B is still invited. Can this please be fixed?

Once a user has been invited to an event, they cannot be uninvited. This was intended to prevent data loss, so that Group B still shows as being invited and/or attending, even if they aren’t later or if they leave the troop or whatever. This problem does not occur if you create a recurring meeting. Uninviting someone updates future events without altering past ones. You can use this feature by going to Plan > Meeting Schedules.

This feature can be used for events other than meetings as well. Once the event has been created and saved, you can also go back in and add things like hiking miles, camping nights, and so forth.

We are working on fixing the issue you outlined above, but in the meantime this is a good workaround.