Generating a report based on a specific "Reported to Council On" date

I have a bunch of recent rank advancements and merit badge awards to report to our Boy Scout council. In going through the entries, I’ve marked each of these with the (projected) report date of 2018-05-21. Now, I’d like to search the troop entries for all ranks/MBs with the “Reported to Council On” field filled with 2018-05-21. Then, I’ll put together the report, for paper or online submission, whichever is easier.

But I cannot figure out how to have TroopTrack do this search, and/or generate this report. Advice?

Sounds like you are trying to create an advancement report. In which case you can use “Achieve->Print Advancement Awards” . But, this will not included “Reported to Council On” date. In fact the council does not care about this date, they only care about the “Completed” date.

In any case maybe your council is different, but ours will not accept any report for achievements except the official BSA advancement report from the “Internet Advancement” website. In this case, and what you should be doing anyway is using “TurboNet” to download the info to national and then generate the advancement report from the “Internet Advancement” website. Hope this helps.

Also, “Achieve->Present Awards” is a handy overview webpage as well.


Amorak, Thanks! Now I know more about where to focus my efforts.

“TurboNet” seemed too ambitious to me, when I’m trying to get comfortable with the TroopTrack basics (even if it means more typing). But I found the how-to video in Help – – and will take a look.

My basic question is: “Can you query the TroopTrack database by some criterion (Scouts, ranks, merit badges, dates, etc.), and get the listing of results that you want?”

In this case, I had input the date “2018-05-21” in the field "Reported to Council On” as I added and corrected information, with the intention of generating a listing of Scouts’ Advancements and Scouts’ Merit Badges that I could (manually) turn into an Advancement Report.

But it may be that TroopTrack lacks this functionality.

“Achieve->Present Awards” is a handy overview webpage as well.

When I go to “Achieve->Present Awards”, I get a “report” that I can’t make heads or tails of. It consists of 38 advancement events, most of which are months or years in the past, and have already been reported. It lacks most of the recent events that I want to report.

When I go to “Achieve -> Print Advancement Report”, I get a list of 38 different advancement events, which are no better.

I’d revise the selection criteria – but I don’t know what it is or how to set it.

I am having similar problems when I run “Achieve -> TurboNet Advancement Report”. I get a report, but it includes a lot of stuff I don’t want, and misses most of what I do want.

I must be missing something pretty basic about TroopTrack, but I don’t know what it is.