Is there a way to import advancement using a Scoutbook CSV?

Our Cub Scout pack will be transitioning from Scoutbook to TroopTrack starting June 1. Is there a way to use the Scoutbook CSV export to import advancement into TT? I know TT can do the TurboNET import, but ScoutNET tends to be somewhat less than complete, even though we are diligent about uploading advancement from Scoutbook, so there will be a lot of “holes” that parents will see in TT. Importing the CSV will be more complete than a TurboNET import, and it will save me a TON of time answering questions or hand-entering adventures that the boys have already earned.


I just purchased our subscription and am in the process of updating our TT site. Is there an answer to this question? Should I PM @mlsully2002 instead of posting here?

I know this is an old thread but wanted to update it with current information in case people search for the same question and find it.

Is there a better way of getting a Scoutbook to TT import? It looks extremely manual to convert the version Scoutbook gives you and the version TT needs.

This is not currently possible, I know some of the documentation shows Advancement Imports however for BSA Units there is not currently an option for Advancement Imports. TT is working on an importer.