Scoutbook merit badge (individual requirements) import

Our troop plans to continue to use trooptrack along side scoutbook because the reports and data access is so much better in troop track (e.g. you can easily see a summary of remaining merit badge requirement). We are having everyone enter in their merit badge requirement into scoutbook, because trooptrack doesn’t have approvals of parent data entry like scoutbook does. I would like to the export from scoutbook and directly import into trooptrack. The only way I can do that is export a CSV file, and then go into excel and edit it A LOT (change the date format from MM/DD/YYYY to DD/MM/YYY, change the heading titles, change the name of Merit badges from Merit Badge (and year column) to Troop Track name (like Archery (old)).

Is there any way trooptrack can support easy import merit badge and rank advancment from scoutbook? This would really make the difference between us using both tools or just moving entirely to scoutbook.

Dawn Howe


Same question: I am hearing that Internet Advancement (the old one) is going completely away and that troops will be forced to use Scoutbook to enter their advancement.

When that happens, are we stuck with CSV imports from Scoutbook? I’m not adverse to change as long as we aren’t moving capabilities backwards.


Why are you not using TT’s Roster Import ability (under achieve)? Also for for push awards to BSA, I believe TT uses Scoutnet. On the other from what I see in the log, roster import pulls from Internet advancement.

I use TT’s Roster Import ability for COMPLETED merit badges. My question concerns PARTIAL (INCOMPLETE) Merit Badges. ScoutNet (internet advancement) only tracks completed Merit Badges, not individual requirements completed for merit badges. I want to generate a report like “show me all the merit badges started at summer camp but not done, along with the missing requirements”. TT does this report, but not if I can’t get the data into TT. Scoutbook does not do this report, but has all the data I need. ScoutNet (Internet Advancement) does neither.

i just found this setting and remembered your post. Allow members to enter provisional progress (to be approved by a leader). I have not checked it out yet but could be worth investigating. Maybe you can do what you want right in TT and won’t have to use SB.

According to this article ScoutNet (Internet Advancement) is going away however this article says 2018 and we are getting toward the end and still nothing has been changed. BSA did just announce that ScoutBook will be free starting next year so maybe they are pushing their plans to replace ScoutNet this year. We will see.
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