Is there an actual user limit for subscription plans?

UPDATE: I think I figured it out. I am guessing that the “Small Troop” plans that are discounted ($69 per year) are the ones with a membership limit. Please let me know if this is incorrect and if there is a membership limit on all plans.

I am signing up for a new account, and the automatic renewal plan says that there is a 25-person limit including troop members, leaders, and parents. We might be cutting that close, and if we add a couple more girls, we are likely to go over that. I did not see another option in pricing for different sized troops, so I am not sure if that is an enforced and actual limit. Any feedback?

That would make sense that the Small Troop discounted plan would have a limit of members. I have never heard of a limit on the full subscription. I personally have a Unit that has had over 100 users total between Scouts, Parents and Leaders. @Tyler any feedback on a limit for full price subscriptions?